Hi, I'm Delainha.
 I was born and raised south of Toronto. 
I spent a year living in London, England
and currently live in QLD Australia.
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I randomly came across this company while searching for jobs overseas. I wasn't exactly sure on what I wanted to do for work, initially, or where I wanted to move to, but I submitted my information to their website for an agent to reach out to me and see what advice they could offer me, if any at all. I wasn't sure if anyone would get back to me, but suprisingly one of their agents contacted me within 48 hours via phone call. She called me from their Canadian head quarters in Vancouver and sold me on the spot with her up beat energy, had me completley pumped up for this new life changing adventure that I was going to go on and how she would assist me with everything I would need to make this move abroad.

Global assisted me in applying for my 2 year Working Visa in the UK (visa additional cost). Their program fee included the following :
- Online Au Pair/Nanny Course
- Online profile with appropriate CV's and Cover Letters coordinating to host families that would look to hire me as their Au pair
- Health and Travel Insurance (additional cost)
- Bank suggestions in London
- Booking my flights (additional cost)
- Created my stopover package in Iceland prior to moving in England 
- Job Interviews with host families 
- Online support along the way






A popular question I am asked on a daily basis "Is the program fee worth the money or am I better off doing it on my own?" This question is personal preference and is determined by many factors. A huge factor being finances. You definitely have to have money aside or save to go on an adventure such as this. Just like you would picking up and moving anywhere. If you are not financially stable, you may find yourself struggling in terms of wanting to travel or do activities while overseas. Really take the time to evaltuate what you want out of the experience. Do you want to make an income and save money, or do you want to spend the money you're making on traveling and making memories. Do I think the program fee was worth the money? Absolutely not, and it blows my mind that at 22 I spent that amount of money on an agency, but they realed me in and sold me on it. Looking back I wish I would have done even more research than I though I was doing. The receipts below will show you the amount I paid on the program itself, that does not include the cost of the working holiday visa ($500 CAD), flights ($1,000), health insurance ($1,000) and anything else I needed to move overseas, I personally feel for what Global assisted me with, which really just came down to matching me with a family to have an interview with, wouldn't have been worth anything more than $500, since essentially I paid $1,795 for one skype interview with a family in London, online assistance for applying for my working holiday visa and assisting me with booking my flights and helping me organise a stop over in Iceland prior to moving to England. You can read more frequently asked questions about this program by scrolling down.
Program Deposit CA $695.00. Remaining Balance CA $1,100.


After registering with Global and paying the program fee you are then able to start the program process. This consits of the following :
Global will assist you in applying for your Working Visa in your country of choice. For example, I chose the UK. The visa is also an added cost that is not included in the program fee. There is also a possibility of being rejected for the visa which unfortunately you are not reimbursed by the program if your visa gets declined, in a case such as this Global will hold a credit for you which you can use at a later date up to 10 years. If you have a clean record the chances of being rejected are highly unlikely. It can take up to 6 weeks to be approved for the visa. You can read more about how to apply for a working visa for the UK by CLICKING HERE.​ Completing an online nanny course which is a great demonstration of some of the knowledge necessary for in home child care. This is time consuming, and can take a while to complete. The sooner all of the mandatory tasks are completed the sooner you can move to your country of choice. Taking part in a 2 day CPR course at your nearest First Aid Demo Class (also an added fee not included in the program fee). A doctors note stating you are in a healthy state to live overseas for a long period of time. A police check from your local station, stating you have a clean criminal record, this is for the Host Family (also an added cost). Global will help you create an online profile consisting of a CV, Cover letter and photos of you which they will send to Host Families that are looking for an Au Pair/Nanny. You can purchase health and travel insurance through Global if you don't already have any. Global can also book your flights and any stopover packages (I spent three days in Iceland on my way over to England which Global was able to book for me). Come closer to the date of your suggested departure, they will then start to set you up with interviews via skype. You will be able to meet families and come to a mutual agreement of which family you are most interested in along with a start date. (I accepted the offer of the first family I interviewed with and moved to England within two weeks, although I was hoping to have a few options, my first interview went really well and I was quite happy with the results, but looking back I wish I wouldn't have settled after just 1 interview). Once you make the move to your country of choice, the family is to take you under their wing and make you feel as though you are apart of the family (picking you up from the airport, etc). Once you are situated, either the host family or global will assist you in setting up a bank account, a phone plan (if they family doesn't take care of that for you) and even send you an email with a list of all the other global travelers who are Au Pairs in the area so that you can meet up with them and start a social group.

Applying for the Tier2 General Working must be done within your own country. In my case, I had to be in Canada when applying for the visa. The cost of this visa is roughly $500 CAD (2015). On the immigration you can find the submission form. Following the online application, the documents must be printed off and an appointment must be made at your nearest Immigration Office, which in my case was Toronto. This appointment consists of finger print and screening, eye screening and photos for documentation. What you must bring to this appointment are bank statements stating you are financially stable to move to another country and stay on your feet for a short period of time if a job opportunity doesn't come your way immeditatley. Passport photos must also be attached for Immigration records, as well as a printed hardcopy of the online application form in which you sign and gets sent away for viewing. You must also of course bring your Passport. The visa can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to get approved, in which they HOLD your passport. Within this time, you can not cross any boarders since the Immigration Office sends your passport away with your application form to be approved. If approved, you will recieve your passport in the mail along with a letter stating you have been approved for the Tier2 General 2 year working visa with a stamp on the inside of your passport proving you are eligable to stay in the UK for 2 years. I received my passport in the mail 4 weeks after my appointment date. After being approved for the working visa, you must step foot in the UK within a month of being approved or your visa becomes disregarded. There are serious consequences for over staying your 2 year Visa, such as being refused in the country if ever wanting to enter the country again.


- 7:30 am to 7:00 pm Monday - Friday (may include a 2 hour break daily depending on the families work schedule or personal agreement)
- Waking the children, getting them dressed for sschool, cooking breakfast and packing lunches 
- Doing school/nursery runs, this may be by public transit or if the family provides you with a vehicle
- While the children are in school household chores are to be done such as laundry, emptying the dishwasher, organizing the childrens bedrooms or runs to the shops
- Collecting the children from school/nursery
- Organizing playdates for the children with their classmates for the afternoons/evenings/days off school 
- Taking them to the park or any after school curricular activities such as tennis, swimming lessons, piano, etc
- Cook dinner
- Help with homework 
- Bath and put down for bed
- Most of the time, as part of the contract, 2 nights a week are assigned to babysitting if the parents work late or are going out. This makes for a very long day of work, which you do not get paid extra for. Be sure to ask your host family when reviewing the contract in regards to their rules so that it is 100% clear on both parties what hours you will be getting paid for and which hours you won't be as it may result in conflict.  
- Wage is determined on childcare experience and the amount of hours put in per day. My past experience with children prior to Cosmetology was assisting my Mother with her Day Care centre and also babysitting for friends and family at the age of 13. This allowed me to recevie a slightly higher wage than someone with 0 experience but not as much as someone with a degree on child care.


When moving to another country for a job you have the added stress of finding accomodation. Personally, as this was my first time moving away from home I thought being a live-in nanny would be a smart and easy choice in regards to finances and affordability. 
Inclusions for being an Au Pair/Nanny (Live In) :
- Rent free
- Groceries provided
- Some families will also pay your monthly cell phone bill
- Recieve a weekly wage 
- Weekends off (more than usually but can also depend on the families situation which you may or may not get paid for)


This is a tough question for me to answer. There are so many pros and so many cons to this job. I would like to point out that over the year having met many other nanny friends my situation was very rare. You can read about my experience as an Au Pair by clicking this link  NANNY DIARIES . A few girls I had met also switched families due to conflict of interest where as others wished they could stay longer because they had such a good experience with their host family. There are so many possible outcomes. It is much like a relationship. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I also think it depends on age. If you are 18/19 and fresh out of high school this is an amazing opportunity. You will gain experience, confidence and is a true introduction to the real world. I felt that at 22 living with another family, under their house rules, not being able to have friends over etc just didn't sit well with me. These are the years I need to explore my freedom. I felt as though I took a step backwards rather than forwards. I already had a life developed for myself and moving in with a family where all of that was taken away was really difficult for me to deal with. Another point that goes unrecognised is that when you are an Au Pair/Nanny, you do not have any co-workers. This can make it really difficult to make friends or have a social life outside of the house depending on how out going you are. How much do you love working with children? Living with a family, you are not able to shut work off. You can either be woken up in the morning due to the children crying out, or woken up in the night due to the children crying out. How do you cope with a child that doesn't listen to you? This job requires a lot of patience, love and attention from the children and you may get emotionally attached more than you thought you would. This job also depends on what your intentions are with this experience. The pay is quite little. If you are just looking to either gain child care experience in another country or you're young and just looking to give this job a go for a few months as an exchange, it's perfect for you. My intensions were to travel, I was never going to accomplish that living with my first host family where they would never allow me to take a day off. As for the second family I worked for, luckily the mother was on maternity leave, so I was able to take 4 day weekends every so often so that I could travel which made things much more flexible, although in return had me working a crazy, ridiculous amount of hours during the week to make up for it. So many pros and cons.


Forming a great relationship with your host family is key. As much as you want to make a great impression on them, make sure to always voice your opinion and let them know how you're feeling if you do not agree with something or if you're feeling over worked. Which you would do with any job. Some days you may find yourself in a very awkward position and not be able to leave work at the end of the day since you live there. If you are an easy going person who loves children, then of course this job is for you. If you are the type of person who enjoys your own space then you might find yourself struggling in one way or another like I did. As some families do not allow you to have friends/guests over for the sake of the privacy of their home. You also loose a lot of the freedom that you would have at home, like feeling comfortable to walk around in your pajamas, or seeing if there's anything to eat in the fridge since it isn't your place. These types of things you have to evaluate the importance of when considering a job such as this.


In this type of situation you would think it would be the company to blame for the troubles I went through in which you can read about by clicking this link  NANNY DIARIES. I don't blame Global for what happened, because I had my full trust that they would pair me up with a suited family, but I do feel better screening for the families should be done, since they have us go through so many mandatory tasks and paying such a large program fee. It doesn't matter what country you move to, or what job you accept, it doesn't always work out the way you think it might. I didn't love being an Au Pair, and with no prior experience, I can't blame Global for that, but I do know for a fact if it wasn't for this experience I would not have visited 24 countries during my year abroad. Would I do it again? That's an extremely hard question to answer, but if it meant someone would tell me I'd have the opportunity to visit 24 countries in one year, then yes, I would do it again (but I would stand my ground and stand for what's right and not let anyone take advantage of me. Preferably to answer that qustion correctly, I would be a live out nanny if I ever gave it another go, that way I would have my space from the family and have way more freedom, as any young adult should have.