Far North QLD & Cairns

Magnetic Island

The Far North QLD region, where you will find all things tropical!
Parenella Park is not to be missed, it's a beautiful Spanish Garden surrounded by waterfalls.
Wallaman Falls is Australia's largest free falling single Waterfall. It's quite the hike to get to the bottom but so worth it.
Mission beach is a quaint little beach town with sand for days. You can Take the water taxi over to Dunk Island for the day and explore walking trails and beaches. 
Take a trip up to Cairns and check out their nights markets for fresh and yummy produce. The Esplande is Cairns beautiful beach front.
The Sky Rail takes you over Waterfalls and through the Rainforest to Kuranda where you can dine and shop (super hipster and boho!)

Board Passions of Paradsie Catameran to go snorkeling and diving along the Great Barrier Reef!​


Magnetic Island, a little piece of magic! Located off the coast of Townsville, you can find yourself a little piece of tropical paradise!
I spent one year on this stunning island, working as a receptionist at a hotel! 
Some of it's highlights include spotting wild koalas in their natrual habitat, hand feed wild wallabies, sunset sail around all the different bays, beach hop around the island, take a dive into the deep blue and spot some coral, rent a topless barbie car or jeep and cruise around the island!
The island has some very quaint and quirky dining, if you plan on visiting be sure to check out Early Bird Cafe, Marlin Bar, Man Fridays and Scally Wags for some delicious feeds.

Check out my all-time favourite beach, Radical Bay and walk out to the SS Adelaide Ship wreck for some stunning views. at Cockle Bay!

N E W  S O U T H  W A L E S
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T O R R E S  S T R A I T

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Whitsunday Islands

Townsville, also known as Brownsville! Is a very dry major city in the North. I lived here for 1 year following my year on Magnetic Island. It's not my most favourite city in the world, everything is very spread out, little to no transportation, and not a whole heap to see or do, but the  Strand is Townsville's seaside forshore with a rock pool, watersports, cafes and restaurants, which is the most special part that Townsville has to offer. 
Some of my all time favourite restaurants are Long Boards, The Water Mark & Shore House.

City Lane has a quaint little collection of bars and eateries. 
The Ville Resort and Casino is newly renovated with an amazing swim up bar overlooking Magnetic Island.

But make sure you check out where I spent a year working! Rambutan Townsville, a stunning roof top bar and pool with poolside accommodation.
Caslte Hill is a great hike and sunset spot. Visit Palleranda for some great hiking trails and walking tracks.

One of the most visited places in Australia, Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday islands!
Realx at the Airlie Beach Lagoon or party the night away at one of many clubs the strip has to offer.
Take a cruise to the Whitsunday Islands (there's actually 74 islands that make up the Whitsundays!)
Hamilton island is one of the closest islands to the mainland, and is a popular holiday spot for families since there is only 1 resort on the entire island. My boyfriend and I went paragliding over the island, it was so stunning!
Stop off at Whitehaven Beach, it is Australia's number 1 beach with the whitest sand in all of Australia (but be careful during stinger season!)
Spend the day snorkelling and diving the Great Barrier Reef with Cruise Whitsunday's. This was the best snorkeling I had ever experienced in Australia!

If you're not taking a boat trip from Airlie Beach to the Whitsundays, atleast book on to an Ocean Rafting day trip, it's an amazing activity what brings you out to Whitehaven beach, and hopefully spot some wildlife along the way!​

The East Coast

Brisbane & Gold Coast

Cruising down the east coast!
Time was not ideal when my partner and I drove from Townsville to relocate to Brisbane as a cyclone followed us the entire way effecting our arcitivties that we had booked along the coast, bummer!
A huge perk of working for YHA for two years, is being able to stay at other YHA's in Australia free of charge!
It was a great way to travel down the coast and stay at all the different chains, which worked out perfect when I started working at the YHA in Brisbane since I had been to all the YHA's along the coast. 
Our first stop after Airlie Beach was Rockhampton. We didn't see any of the city since it bucketed down straight for 24 hours.
Follwing Rocky, we stopped in Bundaberg. My partner had been dying to go to the Bundaberg Disterllery for years so he was finally able to tick that off his bucket list!

Next stop was Hervey Bay. Hervey Bay is a quaint little city with beach views for days, and the hostel was one of the top YHA's I had been to. 
We spent a day over on Fraser Island which we booked a tour through the hostel.
Fraser is stunning, there's beautiful shipwrecks to visit, lazy rivers, rainforest, full of adventure. Most people rent a 4x4 and drive along the beach which was a unique experience but you would see a lot of cars bogged a long the way so I was happy we left the driving to a tour guide!
Our last stop en route to Brisbane was Noosa. Noosa is such a hipster, bohoemian city, with tons of surf, trendy cafes and an amazing National park with fairy pools awaiting you at the end. We only spent one night in Noosa, but I am so keen to head back.

The first time I visited the Gold Coast was when I moved to Australia in 2016.
I attended my orientation for my job interview through the agency I went through to find work in Australia, The Global Work & Travel Co.
Surfers Paradise, sitting behind Bondi Beach, is one of the most visited places in all of Australia. It's known for it's high rise buildings, beach front atmosphere and party scene. 
Some great spots to visit along the Gold Coast are Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta. Amazing beaches and National Parks (great picnic spots!)
I moved to Brisbane with my boyfriend in Hanuary 2019. My partner was relocated for work. 
I started working at my 3rd YHA (Brisbane City) which was an easy transition after attendng to many interviews thinking I wanted to work in a 5 star hotel which I decided wasn't for me. In April 2019 I actually decided to enrol in school for Medical Aministrator so that I can land a job in a Dermatology clinic since I have a background in Cosmetology. Can't believe I get to call myself an international student which I never thought would be the case! The program is through QLD TAFE, which is equivelent to college.
I have been absolutley loving Brisbane and have found some of the best places to visit and som great activities!
If you're in Brisbane be sure to check out :
Southbank, Wilsons look out point, The Wheel of Brisbane, picnic at Mount Coot-tha, Kangaroo Point, Story Bridge, Australia Zoo and ine Pine Koala Sanctuary.
For markets and fine dining check out Eat Street, Brisbane Markets, South Bank Markets, Eleven Roof Top Bar, Riverland and West End.

W E S T E R N  A U S  T R A L I A
Margret River Tourst Park

Margret River, Westen Australia

Partner's Family Home

Port Kennedy, Westen Australia


'll tell you some of the best tattoo parlours that I've
vistied. Just make sure you
ask mum and dad first! 



Welcome to Sydney! The most populated city in all of Australia.
It has that cobble stone European feel with the buzz of New York City. I've actually only spent one night in Sydney. I had a 15 hour layover there on my way to South Korea. I met up with friends that I met when I was backpacking in Thailand!
I spent the night at the Sydney Harbour YHA which had great views of the Sydney Opera House. For a great night out in Sydney check out Retro Night Club for some throw back music and catch a feed at El Camino Cantina for an amazing Mexican fiesta!

Melbourne is hands down one of my favourite cities. It may have to do with the fact that it was the first place I stepped foot on Australia back in 2015. The entire city is buzzing with hispter cafes, beach front, and amazing coastlines. Rent a car and Drive the great ocean road for insane views of the bottom of Australia. You can get the most delicious food on DeGraves Street (Quarter Cafe Bar). There's a yummy italian cafe called Il Tempo. Melbourne is also known for it's rooftop bars. Check out Cookie and Good Heavens! Hardware Lane has some great brekkie spots as well (#Hash)
The night life on King Street is endless, and you have a great chance of meeting some celebs at Cloud Nine. Some other things to do are Melbourne Zoo, Museum of Rememberance and St Kilda Beach.​

Western Australia

Visas & FYI

​I travelled to Perth to visit my partner's childhood home for the first time! In the quaint area of Rockingham you can find stunning white beaches, lookouts such a Cape Peron and you can take a short 10 minute ferry over to Penguin Island to spot wales, dolphins, and of course, penguins! Perth has various amounts of activities especially in the CBD. There's a great cocktail bar where you can play Mini Golf called Holey Moley Golf, such a good time!
If you have the chance to drive down to Margaret River theres some yummy wineries, cheese and chocolate factories along the coast. Yummmm :)
In 2018 I travelled with my partner a second time to be with his family for Christmas. During this visit we took a ferry over to Rottnest Island where you can spot Quokkas and take a selfie with the friendly little guys! You can spend a day cycling around the island, beach hopping and enjoy a great feed in the harbour area. Such a great day trip!

I spent my first year in Australia on the 417 working holiday visa. In order to apply for a second year working holiday visa, the requirement is to complete 3 months of agriculture work. I was able to complete this and apply for my second year visa. 
Nearing the expiry of my second year visa, my boyfriend and I applied for the 820 partner visa, which allows you to remain in Australia while you wait for your permanent residency. This can take up to two years to complete and there are limitations on leaving the country. It's a complicated and expensive process!
​Here are the following links to the different visa types in Australia


Entrance Visa

In every city of Australia, through out the year, you can experience different temperatures.
For example, when I traveled to Australia in March in 2015 I went to Melbourne. The temperature was quite cool, and defintely not warm enough to go swimming. Although I could get away with shorts and a tank but wouldn't leave the house without a jacket.
In April 2018 I visited Melbourne a second time and wore a turtle neck and jeans during my few days visit.
Far North Queensland is warm all year round, and never got below 26 even in winter. I would only have to wear a jacket in the morning before the sun rose and by noon I would be sweating as per usual.

An Entrance Visa IS requied for entry into Australia for Can-adian citizens.
​The cost of the visa is $20.
All visas have different regulations and differ from country to country and may require a processing fee. 
Be sure to check the immigration website to determine whether you may require a visa to enter the country.