Hi, I'm Delainha!
I'm 26 years old  and originally Ontario, Canada.  As of today,
I have visited 38 countries across 5 continets.  Basically, every pay check I make goes towards a new adventure and just trying to see as much of the world that I can.  ​​ Thank you for visiting my page  ​and remember, always choose happiness, ​​ whatever it may be xx

Hi! I'm Delainha (de-lane-ah).

I'm 26 and was born and raised south of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. For the past 5 years, I have been travelling the world. To be exact, I have lived in three different continents and have visited 38 countries.

People always ask me how I moved overseas all on my own (twice), how I found careers along the way and how can I afford to travel so often. Well, let me tell you all about it!

First off - you should know that I spent five years working in a salon as a Receptionist and Licensed Cosmetologist straight out of highschool. I became a self employed business owner at the age of 21. I worked extremeley hard for those five years, saved everything I had and was financially stable.

During that time, I started going on holidays with family and friends such as Portugal, Cuba, Mexico, New York and Las Vegas. 

After those 5 years, I realised I pretty much had everything I needed at a really young age (car, business, etc) I was itching for change. Although I was extremley proud of my accomplishments, I didn't want to feel as if this was simply just what I was going to do for the rest of my life (even though I truly did enjoy it).



In 2015 (age 22), I put my Cosmetology career on hold. I purchased a one way ticket to England, a country I had never even been to before. I really wanted to explore my European roots, move overseas and travel the world but remain based in an English speaking country.​ I looked into becoming an Au Pair (Live-In Nanny). I went through an agency that I came across online and next thing I knew, I was moving in with a family I had never met before and caring for their 3 children.  

The biggest pro of being an Au Pair, was the flexibility I had with taking time off work to travel. I would do extra hours during the week to have a 4 day weekend, thay way I was able to travel to a new country atleast every other weekend. In just 13 months in Europe, I visited over 25 countries. 

Moving overseas isn't always as glamerous as it sounds, there's a lot more to it than you think. I stuggled some days, missed my family and learning the transportation system was a little intimidating at first but I made amazing friends and visited some insanely beautiful countries.



Following my year in Europe, I decided to move to Australia. But this didn't come as a surprise. I had actually fallen in love with the country when I had traveled there for a two week holiday right before I moved to the UK.

It was when I returned from my trip to Australia that I decided I wanted to move overseas. I would have loved to moved to Australia the first time around since I enjoyed it so much, but I had just returned back to Canada and figured it would be a long ways away from home for moving overseas for the first time.

It was crazy coinsidence that I wanted to move to Australia following my year in Europe and I fell for a guy in Europe who happened to be Australian. Crazy, right. I was only in London for 5 months when I met my boyfriend.

I applied for the 417 Working Holiday Visa and moved to Australia. I spent two years in Far North Queensland working as a receptionist in a hotel.

In July 2018, nearing my two year visa expiration, my boyfriend and I applied for the 820 Partner Visa. Currently, I am waiting on my Australian permanent residency, how exciting!

In January 2019 my partner was transfered to Brisbane for work which is where we currently reside.