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Budapest! What a pleasant surprise! The River Danube runs through the city, which use to seperate the two by Buda and Pest connected by the Chain Bridge.
It's the 10th laragest city in the European Union.
There's something for everyone in Budapest, whether it's history, architecture, thermal baths, nightlife or scenic sight seeing.
I 100% would go back to Budapest, I thought it was one the most beautiful cities I have visited in Europe.

If you're in Budapest, I highly recommend attending a Budapest Bath Party. They are, insaneeeee! I went to one of the most famous Baths in Budapest for a pre New Years Eve party. It's also the coldest activity that I've ever experienced in my life. Walking around in your bikini ordering drinks in 0 degree weather, with DJ's blasting music in the background with stobe lights filling the sky. It was soooo sick!
In the the heart of the city there is a hospital called "Hospital in the Rock" which is literally a hospital that is underground, they offer daily tours and you learn a lot about the war and how it effected Budapest. It was very interesting and informative.
Fisherman's Bastion offers the most scenic and picturess lookouts that I've ever seen. The architecture is incredible and so romantic.
Don't leave Budapest without doing a scenic cruise along the Parliment building. It will wow you.
View some of the city's other sites such as Matthias Church and the  House of Terror. 
​Budapest also has a great transporation system which is always a bonus.

You'll find shisha to be
very popular in the night clubs in Budapest. There was a great club around the corner from the Hostel which unfortunately I can't remember the name of !! But there's tons of great clubs in that area. 


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Umm, woah, Budapest you are beautiful but you are C-O-L-D! I might be Canadian and all but I was not expecting that. Brrrrrrrr! So windy as well, If you plan a trip to Budapest in the winter she is a fierce one let me tell ya. I would love to visit Budapest again in the summer time :) It's really hard to enjoy the scenery sometimes when you're spending lengths of time walking around outside sightseeing. It was defintely cozy and the Budapest Bath party was an amazing experience but would be nice to do so in the summer :)

An Entrance Visa is not required for entry into Hungary for Canadian citizens.
All visas have different regulations and differ from country to country and may require a processing fee. 
Be sure to check the immigration website to determine whether you may require a visa to enter the country. 
Australian citizens do not require a visa to enter Hungary but for further information, click below.