Hi, I'm Delainha.
 I was born and raised south of Toronto. 
I spent a year living in London, England
and currently live in QLD Australia.
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June 2016 - my Temporary class TZ subclass 417 Working Holiday in Australia was granted. I had the confirmation that I would be moving to yet another country. After returning from England on August 5th, and spending 6 weeks in Canada visiting my family and friends, the day has come to pack my things and say goodbye yet again. After 24 hours of being in the air, Australia, it's good to be back. My friend Tyler picked me up from the Brisbane airport, I met her overseas when I was living in England. She was on the same tour where I met Ryan over Christmas Holidays. It's amazing meeting so many people when moving abroad, it was great having Tyler as a personal tour guide around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We went to Daisy Hill Koala Centre down the road from her house just outside Brisbane City. Its safe to say we wasted no time that day, as even though it took a day of travelling to get to Australia we still went clubbing that night in Surfers Paradise. The next evening we went to the Brisbane River Fire festival which was a nice way to end my fun filled weekend with Tyler. I was able to meet up with another friend of mine, Natalie, who I met on my 2 week tour when I was in Thailand. We went for lunch in Burleigh Heads which is a suburb of the Gold Coast, a great spot for fine dining and spectacular sight seeing.


When I first moved to Australia, I found it a bit difficult to find work without any previous hospitality experience, little did I know within 5 months I would find myself the supervisor of a hostel on a tropical Island in far north Queensland along the Great Barrier Reef with a koala village on site. You never know where life is going to lead you!




Wednesday September 28th 2016
After attending my orientation at the Global Headquarters on the Gold Coast and accepting the bartender and all rounder position on Horn Island, I had two weeks to explore a bit of Australia before my official start date. I flew up to Townsville to visit Ryan. It had been 6 months since I seen him last back in April when he flew to England.

Wednesday October 5th 2016
I completed my RSA & RSG online (Responsible Service of Alcohol and Responsible Service of Gambling) I always thought having a bartending license would be legit, I'm excited to see where this new qualification will take me. I am always keen for a new experience.

Saturday October 8th 2016
This morning Ryan and I did a jetski tour from The Strand to Pallarenda. We were absolutley busting in laughter the entire time, it was hysterical. Except for when Ryan caught some air and sent us swimming with the sharks and crocs. In the afternoon we drove down to Airlie Beach. We went for a dip in the lagoon and had some cheeky bevies Magnums.  The next morning we boarded a boat to cruise along the Whitsunday Islands.  Our first stop was Hamilton Island. We checked out one of the beaches and then went parasailing over the Great Barrier Reef. Our second half of the day was spent at Whitehaven Beach, one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world.

Wednesday October 12th 2016
After my two adventurous weeks spent in Townsville, it was time to fly up to Horn Island, an Island off the coast of Queensland with a population of less than 800 people, where I would start my job as a bartender Upon my arrival, the manager of the hotel and one of the staff members picked me up from the airport and drove me the 8 minutes down a dirt road to the Hotel. That was the moment I was slapped in the face with culture shock. Those 8 minutes consisted of views such forests, dumping grounds and unkempt properties that appeared as if a tsunami had took out the island and had never been cared for. B, the staff member, gave me a quick tour of the hotel. It was nothing to be excited about and definitely did not follow through with the expectations of what was trying to be sold to me over the phone during my interview with the manager. My first mistake was that when googling Horn Island, almost nothing comes up ..Following the tour around the bar, restaurant, reception and house keeping areas, the manager drove me down the road to where I would be living. We drove past the only two stores on the entire island, that consisted of basic food essentials, which could be mistaken for a shack. My accommodation was a fully furnished one level housing unit, with two bedrooms. My roommate also worked at the hotel, she's Australian. She's away at the moment visiting her family in Sydney. Only then did my manager inform me when handing over the keys about how unsafe the island is. Break ins are more than common, in fact my housing unit had just been broken into the week prior, and those who broke in stole the second set of keys, yet they didn't have the lock smith come to change the locks on my door yet .. I was so overwhelmed taking it all in, trying to hold back tears while she was showing me around. It was a large place, larger than I had expected but obviously not cared for, the entire shower was filled with ants and other insects. I swept inches of dirt and debris off of my bedroom floor before organizing some of my belongings. I had a knock at my door after the manager left, three of the staff members from the house next door had stopped by to introduce themselves. One from New Zealand and two from Ireland. The Irish girls were the ones I would be replacing. I had a quick chat with them before they walked off for their shift. They had spent the last 4 months on the island, they refrained from leaving too much of a negative review on their experience, but you could tell in their tone they were extremely keen to leave. I FaceTimed Ryan. I couldn't help but hysterically burst into tears. I was scared, nervous, and yes, sad that I wasn't with him anymore but mostly afraid of my safety here. I wiped my tears, tidied myself up and anxiously walked down the dirt road to the hotel to catch a feed for dinner before it got too dark. I was so surprised of how paranoid I was, since I am not one to be afraid of much, but I was astonished with where I had just ended up. It just reminded me of a horror movie, all of it. The streets are filled with unhealthy dogs that run up to you and bark at you as you walk by. I was attacked by a dog when I was in year 11, so this made me beyond uncomfortable. I was also told by some of the other staff members to just be cautious when I'm walking along the road, to look out for snakes and not to mind the bats, they swarm at night around the street lights. I sat down at the bar and chatted with one of the Irish girls who was on bar duty. To familiarize myself with what things would be like working here. I sat near an Aussie lad who was a familiar face to the hotel. His job involved spending 6 weeks at a time on Horn Island. He was originally from Townsville. He asked how I ended up at one of the most remote islands in Australia, let alone in the world. He explained how careful I truly need to be here. The number one rule while living on the island is to not go near the water. That would be the last time anyone saw you if you stepped in with one foot. He said people who go boating or jetskiing go missing all the time, eaten by a croc or shark. The second thing, was to be careful with how I dressed. The population consists of Islanders, Aboriginals and Indigenous. Those who work on the island are the only “white people.” We are on their land, and that is something we must respect. I chatted more with Robyn (Irish) about her experience here. She said she wished she would have left since the first week, but needed the money. Which is basically the same situation that I am in. Especially since I haven't worked in two months. She photo copied the roster so I could take a look at my shifts for the upcoming week. I noticed that after a few shifts, I had two consecutive days off .. All I could do was stare at the paper .. what on earth would I do with my time having two days off. I was aware that before arriving on Horn Island, there was no internet on the island .. I figured I would just get a phone plan with heaps of data, and was interested to see how life would be like without having internet, but after realizing what this island was like, and how when I say there is literally nothing to do except for stare at your ceiling fan go round and round at night, I feared I would experience subtle depression from being so secluded. Especially since I had just spent my last year living in London England, one of the busiest cities in the world. No internet, no beach, no book store, no place to buy a bike (not that it is safe to ride a bike around the island anyway) no dentist, no hospital, no police .. if something happens to you, well to be honest, I can't even answer that question because I have no idea. Robyn, who's deathly afraid of dogs, walks to and from work with a post from a broom stick. She said she wont leave the house without it, since the dogs are so unwell you never know what might trigger them and you wouldn't want to catch something if one nipped you. One night she was walking home from work and a car pulled up beside her with their lights off and yelled at her demanding her to get into the truck. Locals .. aboriginals/indigenous. She said she politely tried to tell them off and paced home crying. While I was eating dinner at the bar, an incident happened at the hotel. Apparently, there is quite a long list of locals who are banned from the hotel, for obvious reasons, one had walked in and was refused to be served. He had trespassed onto the back propery of the hotel where the individual bungalow rooms ate and threw a brick at a guests window. This was their normal .. The hotel is the only bar on the island. Where locals can also use it as a liquor store, to purchase booze. There are also poker (pokie) machines, pool tables, and a restaurant. It was 9pm. I was officially freaked out and so afraid of walking home alone. Kindly, two of the chefs from New Zealand offered to walk me as they live in the unit above my house. They invited me to have a drink with them on the porch, but I needed to go to my room to breathe. I felt a pacing heart inside of me, and tears ready to stream down my face. It seemed as if the only thing there was for everyone to do that worked on the island was to either get drunk or high, every single night. One of the other Irish girls said she spent more money than she saved because of the expensive cost of groceries and alcohol on the Island. I wasn't here to get drunk, and spend my hard earned money on booze. I seem to have this reoccurring pattern of ending up in the most fucked up places. I knew that I still hadn't even started my first shift on bar yet, which would be tomorrow when Robyn trains me, I needed to stay calm. I had to at least give it a shot, just to say I did it. I called Ryan again before I went to bed, I was crying hysterically to him, I couldn't even catch my breath. I was petrified of being alone in the house alone since my roommate was away. I would be paranoid for the rest of my life if the person walking around with the spare sets of keys to my house broke in while I was inside. We decided it was best if I sent my agency an email just explaining to them after only being here for half a day that this was how I was feeling, and if I was still feeling this way after a few days, what options could I go about in regards to finding work else where. I sent them an email before I went to bed. I slept with a side lamp on, and was maybe able to get 5.5 hours of broken sleep, I may have even fallen asleep with my eyes open because I was so petrified. I have visited 29 countries prior to moving to Australia and this by far was the scariest place I had ever been to in my life.

Thursday October 13th, 2016
I was so scared to tell my parents all that I had just experienced in just a few short hours. They would have a mental break down if I told them how unsafe it is here. I opened my laptop and began to start writing, I guess that's all I would have to do here. Something I enjoyed doing at least. Hoping it will keep me sane. I'm already going crazy from listening to the same music that I have on my Itunes, knowing it will be quite some time until I am able to hear a new song again. It's 7am, and I still can't stop crying, There's no way I will last here. I am too afraid to jump in the shower, it is so rank. I haven't any food, I'm not sure what time the local shack opens at. I am so keen to work hard and save money but I am so afraid of living here I can't even fall asleep with my eyes closed. I decided to call my parents .. my father answered the phone, and I bursted into more tears. I hadn't really spoken to them since I had landed yesterday afternoon since the service on the island is so shit, plus the 14 hour time difference. They didn't know what to do .. I had explained everything to them, and said I needed to do whatever it took to get off that island. They were heart broken for me, that I was all on my own scared for my life. They told me not to wait around for an email from the agency and to just call them. So I did. Global had received my email, and apologized that I was feeling this way. They were interested in knowing why I was so upset, since prior to arriving and during my phone interview with the manager, she had let me speak to one of the Canadian employees and explained to me how much she loved working there which made me feel at ease. That all the staff members acted as a family and always found ways to keep busy outside of work, and that it was a great place to save money. That was until I found out her and another one of the staff members are dating some of the local aboriginals on the island and have created a life here for themselves with really no reason to want to leave. I explained to Global that I would go through with my training shift at 11:30 am to see if the bar work atmosphere would be something I'm interested in, and I was eager to spend the day with Robyn who would be training me, to hear more about her experience. They told me they respected my decision in wanting to leave if that's what it came down to, and would assist me in finding work elsewhere. I let the puffiness of my face from crying die down before starting my shift. I explained to Robyn when we walked to work together that I would take my training seriously today, but I would definitely be flying out tomorrow. That was another unfortunate thing about the island, there were only two flights a day to get off of it. I really enjoyed the work, which didn't surprise me, I enjoy a social environment and felt it would be something I would excel in. It was a different crowd than what I was use to obviously, serving those of such a different culture. I respected them, it's just that they don't really respect you. You have to be very careful with you wear so you don't offend them, and it's quite difficult to understand them. Their patience was almost non existent. I feared of being the only one on staff one day if I were to stay, since there is only one bar tender working per shift. Especially with the amount of locals and aboriginals that are apparently banned from the bar/hotel. I wouldn't know how to deal with a situation If I was the only one working, especially since there is no such thing as security or police on the island. I called Ryan on my dinner break and was confident in my decision of wanting to leave. After spending the day with Robyn, she informed me more about the island. How the percentage of rape is extremely high, the amount of diseases on the island since there is no health care. I would be wasting my time and experience in Australia by thinking this was the best way for me to save money. I had learned from having a difficult year in London, that this simply wasn't going to be worth it. Following my shift, Robyn came over as I began to repack my belongings. I booked the first flight off the island for tomorrow morning. She was envious, and proud, wishing she would have done the same thing the day that she had arrived.

Friday October 14th 2016
I wasn't suppose to start my next training shift today until 5pm. My flight departs at 10:35am. I had lasted 43 hours on what I was now referring to was “Horror” Island. I walked over to the hotel office this morning at 8am to have a chat with the manager. I had a seat in her office and asked if I could have a word with her. I was straight to the point. I looked at her and said "I apologize. I am embarrassed, because I do not like to waste anyone's time, but I spoke with my agency, and I decided this is not for me. I had to take my agencies word and your word during the interview on what this job and island is like, and after seeing it with my own eyes, I know this isn't somewhere I can spend 4 months of my life. I think you have a great staff here, and I enjoyed my training and I can picture myself doing bar tending work, but I do not feel safe here. I am an active person, and knowing next weeks roster says I have Monday and Tuesday off, I literally do not know what I would do with myself since there is nothing I can do here. I understand this this island was explained to me as remote, but I wasn't told of how unsafe it was, since almost nothing comes up when Googling the island. I am the type of person who convinces myself to give things a go, and I did, and that's all I can really be proud of but after speaking with my parents and the agency I have booked for the first flight off the island this morning." I could tell by look on the managers face that this did not come to her as a surprise. I have no idea how she keeps staff on this island, and that was probably what was going through her head as well. The only reason Robyn stayed was because she was scared. You get there, and feel trapped. There was just no way I was going to put myself through that. Robyn waited outside my unit with me until one of the workers swung by in a van to escort me to the airport. There's no taxi's on the island as well, or else I would have taken one. I boarded the plane, I was so emotional. I leaned my head back and stared out the window with the whole island in view once I was in the sky. Thanking god for the audacity in leaving. I literally wanted to kiss the ground when I landed back in Cairns for my stopover back to Townsville. I called my parents and they were forever grateful in the decision I made in leaving. I received an email from Global stating they had set up a job interview for me on Monday for a Hair Styling Position in Townsville, since that was where I was headed back to. I was shocked that they had found me another job so quickly. Ryan kindly picked me up from the airport when landing back in Townsville and kindly took me back into his home. I was heart broken, and embarrassed. I hate asking anyone for anything, and the fact that I was back so soon made me feel terrible about myself. But I was lucky to have him, I guess If I didn't I would have flown back to the Gold Coast to stay in a hostel, or with friends in Brisbane.

Saturday October 15th 2016
I spent the day googling jobs, just to see for myself what was available in the area. I had found the exact job posting online for the hair salon position that Global had set me up with? I honestly didn't know what to think of that ..

Monday October 17th 2018
I paid $40 for a taxi to take me to the shopping center where the salon was. When I arrived the manager thought my name was Andrea .. I had corrected her saying I was Delainha and that I was here for an interview. She apologized for her mistake .. but honestly knew nothing about me. Did not know that I was from Canada, that I was here under a working visa and had never dealt with Global before. It was under my understanding that Global has companies they partnered with where they send us travelers when we sign up looking for work abroad. In this case, essentially, I had just paid a company $1,800 to google “hair salon jobs in Townsville.” I was fucking livid. I asked the manager how Global got in touch with her to set up this interview for me. She said that they emailed her my resume and phoned the salon stating they were an agency looking to find me work and set up the interview date and time for me. The manager was really kind, and took down my phone number saying that she would pass along my details to her boss and get back to me as soon as possible. I emailed Global, vaguely, stating the interview went well and I would let them know when I heard back from the salon. I had doubts about the position .. I really didn't want to work in a salon to be honest. I didn't want the experience since I already had 5 years behind me, and if I were to stay with Ryan, I had no way of getting to work since the transit is really poor in Townsville.

Tuesday October 18th 2016
I once again spent the day applying to jobs online. Maybe I was better off finding something on my own at this point .. I came across a Bar Tending and Reception position at a Hostel on Magnetic Island, an island off the coast of Townsville. Ryan had took me over to “Maggie” for the day the first week I arrived in Townsville. It's fully populated, heaps of snorkeling, scuba diving, horse riding, koala parks, paddle boarding, walking trails, you name it. We took the ferry over for a Full Moon Party, I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and has all the activities I love doing. An hour after applying for the position I received a phone call from the manager. I was ecstatic! He conducted a phone interview with me and said he would call me back after he made a few more phone calls. I genuinely wanted the position. I had my RSA and wanted to put it to use. It's a vibrant, youthful island where I knew I would be able to gain experience and make friends.

Thursday October 20th 2016
I decided, even though only two days had gone by, to call the manager from the Hostel and do a follow up, I wanted to show initiation and as much interest in the job as possible. He said the only reason he hadn't called me back sooner was because the employee who currently has the position decided to extend her stay for a few more weeks, and that he wouldn't be needing me right away. I felt a bit discouraged, because I was so hard on myself about being in Australia for a month and not finding work, but he said he was keen on my resume and asked me if I could take the ferry over come Tuesday for a proper interview and show me around the property. I had to remind myself that even though I wasn't working right now, I still didn't regret leaving my nanny position in England. You win some you loose some ..

Monday October 24th 2016
Late this afternoon I got a text message from the manager of the Hostel saying he had come down ill and would have to reschedule tomorrows meeting. Ugh, I felt like my entire time in Australia became this waiting game. Arriving to the Gold Coast, receiving the job on “Horror” Island. Not being able to start for two weeks time. Flying to Townsville to hang out with Ryan in the mean time, flying to the island, returning a day and a half later, attending a salon interview, waiting to hear back .. I know finding a job isn't easy but this is exactly what I paid an agency for. So that I wouldn't have this problem. I had been organizing this process for months in hopes that when I arrived to Australia, I would have it all figured it out, but that was clearly not the case. I emailed Global to let them know a week had gone by and I hadn't heard from the salon, and asked them what my next step was in trying to find work. I received a reply stating that my Coordinator had just tried calling me and couldn't get through. She phoned the salon right away to do a follow up and they stated they had tried to get a hold of me all week to place me at one of their branches closer to where I was currently residing. My coordinator left me with contact information to call the salon back. The owner answered the phone saying that she had been trying to reach me all week, and read back to me the number she was dialing that wouldn't go through. When Global sent the salon my resume, they gave the salon the wrong number ... I am not sure what happened to the phone number I passed along to the manager that interviewed me, perhaps she misplaced it, but I was confused as to why Global did not check in with the salon sooner, to see how my interview went, or why the salon did not have Globals contact information to let them know they were having trouble getting ahold of me. The whole situation was ridiculous, and I was left with embarrassment. The owner apologized and she wanted to gibve me the position closer to me but had been filled in the mean time. I emailed Global back, telling them that I was disappointed in what happened, that it was an unacceptable mistake. My coordinator replied saying “Sorry Delainha, but because you did not tell us that you did not hear back from the interview, we can not look into it.” What? That is the point of this email .. to tell you that a week has gone by and I hadn't heard from the salon .. but perhaps because this wasn't one of Globals sister companies that they partner with to pair me with for a job, they could just care less. I replied firmly stating this was not my problem nor fault. Stating that if it hadn't been for staying with friends I had already been in Australia for 32 nights, and if I had to stay in a hostel this entire time trying to find work, it would cost me nearly $800. Not to mention my flight to “Horror” Island and back to Townsville which cost me nearly $700 plus of course food, etc. I would understand all of this if I decided to pack my bags and move to Australia on my own without a plan, but to pay an agency to find me work and this is how they want to deal with it? That just doesn't sit well with me. My coordinator replied, “I am sorry this has occurred, we will look into other salons in the area and be in contact.” You could almost hear the empty emphasis in her email .. I was so beyond frustrated with them at this point. I honestly wanted nothing to do with them.

Wednesday October 27th 2016
The owner from the salon had phoned me (on my correct number this time, clearly) offering me a job interview at the location closer to Ryan's house. Apparently between Monday and today, a position became available. I had thanked her for thinking of me and calling me back after such confusion the other day. She, along with the manager who interviewed me, said they had never heard of Global or worked with them before. I apologized for the mess. The was so kind, and told me not to worry about it, that I was probably best off looking for work on my own. She wished me luck and gave me the managers number to conduct once again another interview for Saturday. I had hoped she would have given me more information in the phone vversus going in for an interview. Letting me know how many hours the job would be promising, etc, since I really wasn't keen on working on a salon. But at this point, I really had to grow up. If someone was offering me something, I had to take it (although I was still eagerly waiting for the manager from the hostel to get back to me).

March 18th, 2018
A big gap in time, as you can see.  A year and a half to be exact. I had a really hard time updating my life everyday in writing, after all of the troubles of getting settled in Australia.  Back in November 2016 I had an interview as a receptionist and bartender at a hotel on Magnetic Island (Bungalow Bay Koala Village), a small island off the coast of Townsville with a population of only 2000 people. Ideailly, I didn't want to be apart from Ryan, but I was really excited about the position and it was only a 25 minute ferry ride every weekend when I would go over to the mainland to visit him (as things were going really well for us). Not to mention, this resort had a Koala Village on site, how much more Australian does it get! I ended up renting a room from a lady who owned a real estate company on the island. She had two daughters, ages 12 & 15 but rarely was anyone home. They had two dogs as well, Coco and Byron who kept me great company. The house was amazing, there was a cabana and an inground pool in the backyard. I was spoiled, and to top it off it was only a 12 minute walk from my work. That being said, I got the job. I excelled in it actually, as the hotel had a really high roll over with staff, I was willing to stay for a year to save up some money. After 5 months I was promoted to supervisor, can you believe that? What an accomplishment, honestly! Working in the bar was fun, but I knew it wasn't really a career I could see myself staying in, but I really did enjoy rhe reception side of things. I was use to it anyways, from working in the salon for 5 years. I stuck out an entire year on that tiny island, made some great friends and some amazing memories, I was very limited to any normal life routine since it basically just consisted of beaches, walking trails and a bus that runs once every hour (having just left the busy city of London England, but it was a great experience and I'm happy I madeI it work for myself.


Following my year on the island, I went on my dream adventure of traveling to India to visit my Sponsor Child. I spent 5 weeks in Asia, also visiting Indonesia, Nepal & Malyasia. Upon my return, I fully moved in with Ryan into a brand new apartment in city. He traveled with me to Canada for christmas to meet my family, and we made a few pit stops on the way back to Australia. A few days spent in LA & Hawaii. We were only home for 2 days before we flew to Perth to spend some time with his family for the holidays. After all of our adventures, in February 2018 I started my new job at a hotel down the road from our apartment. An incredible resort (Rambutan) that is a franchise of the hotel I was working at on the island. Since I was a supervisor at the resort on the island, I got in contact with the resort in the mainland asking them to keep me posted if any poisitions would come available in the new year, and lo and behold, I was able to get a transfer :) so far things are going exceptionally well. As for Ryan and I, we are looking into the partner visa so we can contunie our relationship here in Australia. In 6 months time, my 2 year working holiday visa will expire, and I am defintelty interested in Australia being my home for a while longer. We will see when the next update will be ;)​​