Hi, I'm Delainha.
 I was born and raised south of Toronto. 
I spent a year living in London, England
  and currently live in QLD Australia,
  travelling the world one country at a time.
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26 MARCH 2016

27 MARCH 2016


Edinburgh - Thrums Hotel
Bed and Breakfast


Welcome to the capital of Scotland! Get ready for lots fof greenery, but what stems from greenery is .. loads and loads of rain ;) It has a medieval Old Town and elegant Georgian New Town with gardens and neoclassical buildings. Hike up to Arthurs Seat for insane views of the city. Takh e a tour througEdinburgh Castle. Rent a car or join a tour and drive up to the Scottish Highlands for views of the rolling hills, waterfalls and spot some scenic Harry Potter scenes. And what's a trip to Scotland without a river boat cruise to search for the Lockness monster.

27 MARCH 2016


Dear Scotland, please tell me who would want to live here year round with your miserable weather? Okay, so that's a bit dramatic but it's the honest truth (instert laughing emoji). Pictured above are the rare moments over my 4 days in Scotland that it decided to stop torrential down pouring. It was actually insane! I never saw so much rain for such a consecutive time frame. Some people prefer this cozy up weather, so if you do, then Scotland is the place for you! A rain jacket and umbrella is mandatory :)

28 MARCH 2016


Visa not required for entry into Scotland for Canadian citizens. Be sure to check the immigration website to determine whether you may require a visa to enter the country.

28 MARCH 2016


 I traveled to Scotland by train from London which was about 4.5 hours with two of my girlfriends. Edinburgh is very quaint, and a bit of a tourist trap in the city centre, so I highly recommend doing a day trip out to the highlands, the mountains are massive! Even in April the tips of them had snow,
it was beautiful. The currency used in Scotland is the Sterling Pound. Some places will also accept the Euro. Scotland use to have their own currency and sometimes you can still find scottish notes floating around which are still acceptable to the bank although some businesses refuse to accept them, which they legally can not say no to, although they will tell you they can not accept it.