Hi, I'm Delainha.
 I was born and raised south of Toronto. 
I spent a year living in London, England
and currently live in QLD Australia,
travelling the world one country at a time.  
Thank you for visiting my page,
and remember, always choose happiness, whatever it may be xx



I randomly came across this company while searching for  jobs overseas. This first time I used this program was when I moved to London , England to become an Au Pair. I loved working with children, but I realised the job wasn't for me - Global did assist me the first time around, and I was able to get a discount using them a second time, this time to move to Australia - so I gave them another go, this time to find hospitality work in Australia on the working Holiday Visa.  Global assisted me in applying for my 1 year Working Holiday Visa in Australia (additional cost), The program fee included the following :

- Online profile with appropriate CV's and Cover Letters directed to the field of work I was interested in being placed amoungst  
- Health and Travel Insurance (additional cost)

- Tax file number
- Private airport shuttle from Brisbane Airport to accommodation
- 5 Free nights of accomodation at a hostel in the Gold Coast
- Setting up a bank account 
- Providing me with a SIM card
- Flights (additional cost)
- Placement Interviews 






A popular question I am asked on a daily basis "Is the program fee worth the money or am I better off doing it on my own?" This question is personal preference and is determined by many factors. A huge factor being finances. You definitely have to have money aside or save to go on an adventure such as this. Just like you would picking up and moving anywhere. If you are not financially stable, you may find yourself struggling in terms of wanting to travel or do activities while overseas. Really take the time to evaltuate what you want out of the experience. Do you want to make an income and save money, or do you want to spend the money you're making on traveling and making memories. Do I think the program fee was worth the money? Absolutely not, and it blows my mind that at 23 I spent an absurd amount of money a second time around using this company again - and this time it being an absolute waste of time and money. This time around I paid $1,145.00 and that was with $500 off the program cost having registered with Global a second time. I don't feel they did their best in assisting me, instead they're realing in thousands of backpackers and those who want to move abroad and giving everyone %10 of their time instead of focusing %100 of their time on less people. Essentially I paid $1,145.00 on a job placement that did not work out, and the second placement that they offered me I wanted to take, but lost my opportunity because Global gave the business my wrong contact number and they couldn't get in touch with me to offer me the job. This resulted in me completley shutting Global out of the situation and finding my own job on my own without their assistance, which I could have easily done on my own. Remaining balance CA $1,145.00


You are able to apply for the TZ Visa from anywhere in the world. In my case, I was living in London England when I applied for the Australian Visa.
The cost of the visa is $450 AUD (2016). You can find information on the visa by visiting the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection - apply for the Australian working visa by CLICKING HERE.  You do not have to go into the troubles of making an appointment with your nearest Immigration office and do not have to send your passport away for approval. Your visa can be approved within 30 days. In my case, my working visa was approved within less than 10 minutes of submitting the application form online. The difference between the UK and Australian Visa is that the UK Visa allows you to stay in the country for 2 years. The Australian Visa is only a 1 year Visa that contains rules and regulations. You have 1 year from your application date to enter the country, and becomes effective the day you step foot. You are only allowed to work for an employer for 6 months at a time. After 6 months, you must start working for a new employer (apply for another job). Since the Australian visa is so easy to recieve, this results in allowing a great number of people into the country. To make it fair for everyone to find work, this rule becomes effective. You are able to stay in Australia for a second year. In order to do so, within the 1st year of your work Visa, 3 months must be dedicated to "agricultural/farm work." Jobs such as field picking, working on a ranch, wokring in an animal or environmental facility. After these 3 months are completed and signed off by your employer, you are able to go online and apply for a 2nd year visa, in which you again pay a fee of roughly $450 AUD. 


Following the payment of the program fee, and being approved for the Australian Visa, Global is then able to take down some of your field of work interests. Mine consisted of working at a resort or hotel, office administration or receptionist within a company, being placed in a hair salon, or working at any type of water sports shop ex. scuba diving or surf shop. There are way less requirements for the Working Visa than there are for the Au Pair/Nanny program. The necessary documents for this program are a Resume and Cover Letter. Upon your desired arrival date in Brisbane Australia, a private shuttle covered by Global will pick you up at the arrivals section of the aiport and bring you to a Hostel covered by Global for 5 nights free accommodation. My accommodation was Bus in Surfers. You will attend a short orientation at the Global head quarters in Surfers Paradise the following day in which they can provide you with either a smart phone or free prepaid 1 month SIM card. They will also go over with you tax file numbers, suggested banks, and have interviews lined up for you which can either be done via person or visa skype since your work placement could potentianlly be anywhere in Australia. The reason I chose to go through Global a second time was due to the rules of the Australia visa. It consists of having to switch your job every 6 months. I felt I would be better off through an agency so I wouldn't have to worry about applying to new jobs every so many months. Also, it can be quite difficult to complete the agricultral/farm work portion of your visa if you're wanting to a stay a second year.


- Since I had gone through Global before, I had trust that they would would find me work. But that did not mean it left me feeling relaxed about having to wait until I got to Australia to know where I would be working. This may be due to employers wanting you to physically be in Australia ready to go at any point in time to begin a new position. Another concern I had was accepting a job that I was very egar about but not being able to find accommodation near by, which would result in paying too much money for my commute to and from work. I knew from previous experience of moving over seas that my expectations for general work couldn't be too high. My best advice is to go into a situation such as this with a very open mind and free spirit.


The day before flying to Australia I received an email from Global consisting of my first job placement opportunity. I was surprised that they had offered me a job before arriving in the Gold Coast. The position was exactly what I was looking for. A beach resort on one of the islands off of Queensland where I would be participating in bar tending and kitchen hand. The resort was called Wongai Hotel on Horn Island. Living accomodations would be on the premises of the resort in a 4 bedroom shared apartment with a kitchen and common area.I had a few concerns right away after taking a look at where is this island was located. The island consisted of less than 800 permanent residents and was located only 511 km to Papua New Guinea. There were no ferries to and from this island to the main land of Australia which meant anytime I wanted to leave the island would be by plane, which would also consist of an mandatory layover in Cairns to get anywhere else. This made me feel as if I were to take on this position, I would feel a bit secluded since I had to comit for a minimum of 4 months and would be too expesnive anytime I wanted to leave the island.
The staff at the hotel only consisted of 11-13 members. This alarmed me as when it came time to me asking for time off to travel, I wasn't sure it would be at all doable. Before going through with interview, I emailed Global back thanking them for the job opporunity placement, but was curious as if they had other positions lined up for me so I could compare the roles and location since I accepted my first and only host family interview offer during the Au pair program, and it didn't exactly work out in my favour, I wanted to be sure to ask Global what all my possible outcomes of work could be. When I landed in Australia I had a few days to myself to enjoy Surfers Paradise before my orientation at the Global Headquarters on the Gold Coast on Monday September 26th. Following orientation Global had set up my interview with the manager from the Wongai Hotel via phone. I had a long list of questions to ask in regards to the location of the island, work duties and living arrangements. During the interview the manager really did sell me on the seclusion of the island and that there were other islands near by that I could take the ferry to as a day trip etc, still leaving me with heaps of activities to do while living on Horn Island. The manager was even kind enough to pass the phone over to another Global traveler employee so I could speak with her about her experience while living on the island. She mentioned how much she loved the island and has made it her home, loved the girls she has met along the way and how much she enjoys her job at Wongai Hotel. The manager added me on snapchat following the interview so that she could send me videos of the resort and the island which made me feel so comfortable and made me look forward to moving to the island (in which they offered me the position). Another question I had asked during my interview was asking for leave. My manager granted that I would be able to take about 10 days off around the Christmas Holiday to travel to asia. Which was very lucky for me since not all jobs would allow this. I was able to check off every box in terms of the work and living situation that I was looking for so, I decided to accept the position. I felt even though it was a very secluded island as far North in Australia that you could go, it would only be 4 months and it would be a great experience. Everything is what you make of it. I would still have a year and a half left in Australia for other opportunities to come my way. I had two weeks until my start date, so in the mean time I flew up to Townsville to stay with a friend (luckily I have heaps of friends in Australia that allowed me to do this vs having to pay for accommodation. I completed my RSA+RSG course online (bar tending license) which I would need for my position. 


It was then did I start questioning why did I go through Global a second time .. after not having luck through them the first. The amount of money I had spent through them and the constant let down in job opportunities. You can read about my first job experience by clicking on "Places I've Lived - London" Needless to say,  I spent less than 48 hours on Horn Island before getting the hell out of there.


After leaving Horn Island and returning back to Townsville to stay with my friend, Global had sent me a secondary job opportunity. Since I was now stationed in Townsville for the mean time, they organized an interview for me in two days time at a Hair Salon about 25 minutes from where I was staying. I was curious as to how they miraculously orgainzed an interview for me that quickly, especially in my background of trade. I attended the interview in which I had asked the manager if she had ever employed anyone through Global before. She replied stating she had never heard of the company before and that they had phoned her saying they were an agency looking to place one of their travelers at their salon. When I showed up to the interview, the manager did not know my name, she did not know that I was Canadian and would only be able to work for her up to 6 months, she did not know anything about me or my situation. Global had found a job posting about the position online (the exact same job position I had come across prior to attending the interview) and called them arranging it for me. Is this what I paid over 1 grand for them to do? Find job postings online and feel like they've done all the work for me. Following the interview the manager said she would be in touch with me in regards to offering me the job. All I could do in the mean time was wait.


I decided that it was best, once again (like I did in the UK) to go about finding a job on my own now that I was physically here in Australia and ready to accept a job at any point. I spent an entire day searching and applying to jobs all across Queensland. I was worried that the same thing would happen again, I accpeted my job offer at the Wongai Hotel but they didn't need me for two weeks time. What if the same thing was to occur, that Global finds me a job that wouldn't need me to start immediately. This could go around in circles forever. I was so keen to make money and felt like I had already wasted a month of my visa in Australia (although I was traveling and having fun, I was spending heaps of money thinking that I would have already started a job). I was over their lack of attention for individual travelers and trying to make a fortune on us. I did end up finding a job all on my own, and again a second time after my first yera in Australia. I absolutley love tour groups and meeting people, but I will never again go through an agency to help me find work.